Staging Occupied Properties Using New Accessories

You are living in your home and want to sell it stress free. Staging a home that allows our clients to be comfortable while their property is on the market, is what Sage Staging & ReDesign derives there success from. We Stage your home using your furniture and accessories, as well as adding any appropriate rental furnishings, lighting and accessories that may be required are to achieve the desired effect. This can involve editing, rearranging and modifying furnishings and accessories to highlight the finer features of each room in the home.

We will apply our home staging professional service and what is necessary to get your home in show-ready condition for viewings from potential buyers.


This may include:

  • Curb appeal improvement
  • Decluttering, depersonalizing and organizing
  • Furniture rental or shopping for additional furniture and accessories you might need
  • Show casing using existing furniture and accessories
  • Accessorizing with our beautiful collection
  • Arranging for enhancements and repairs such as painting, lighting, flooring, etc.