Why Choose Us For Home Staging?

We are experts and professionals

The knowledge and expertise provided by ultimate stager certified graduate leader, results in a unique and financial benefit through effective staging. We are the expert so you don’t have to be!

We are registered & insured home staging & redesign company in the GTA

We have Inventory of beautiful & unique accessories

Accessories are the shining stars in home Staging .... Furnishing a vacant home is easy with us. We work with rental stores who offer large supply of quality home furnishing and we have all the decorative accessories needed to style every room in your home for rent at very affordable rates. 

We are well organized, creative & enthusiastic

Every home has its own potential. Being an expert and creative is a great help to maximize the positive potential and eliminate any negative feedback. With our strength in time management, you will receive prompt service efficiently. Sage Staging & ReDesign is dedicated in staying up to date with the latest design accessories and color trends.

We have realtor & homeowner stress free process plan

The thought of getting your house ready to sell is stressful. No matter what the circumstances are, packing everything up to move in a new home will always come with some level of anxiety and stress, especially when you had lived there for years. As Sage stagers, our goal is to help relieve as much of the headache as we possibly can, by making your property into a competitive and impressive commodity in this busy real estate market. 

We do Home Staging to sell faster & for higher price

Sage Staging & ReDesign takes great pride in marketing your property to achieve its full potential, while reducing time on the market and eliminate the stress associated with the process of preparing the property for sale. We apply advanced home staging techniques to potentiate your house’s best features and minimize any flaws. We create approbative first impressions with positive feelings and emotions in the potential buyers to increase the chances of the fastest sale and at the higher price. With our extensive training and experience, we understand the psychology of the buyer.

We do ReDesign to help you live in your own dream house

Whether you have been in your house for years or have recently moved into a new home, our Redesign Service can accomplish your goal of having a home that is fresh and feels great to live in.
we display your most loved and precious pieces of furniture, art and accessories, which creates functionality, flow and balance in each room. We believe a home should reflect the needs as well as the personalities of the individuals that live there, which allows us to see each project as a custom showpiece.  Our redesign professionals can bring about subtle or more dramatic changes based on your desire for change and your budget.
Reorganization and De-cluttering furniture and accessories you don’t use or like in your home and adding furniture, artwork and collectibles all help to make your home more appealing to you and your family. Fall in love with your home, enjoy the new look! 

We give you detailed written Consultation Report

We have desirable pricing packages

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